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From the Desk of Zynnia Jezek

Re: Getting Free Money For All Of Your Awesome Ideas & Projects

Hey Kids Big & Small, It’s time to stop counting the pennies in your piggy bank and create a real plan to get the money you need to fund your dreams. My name is Zynnia and I am 12 years old. I’ve been online since I was 9 and I’ve made videos, created products, spoken on some amazing stages and interviewed some of the most awesome and amazing people on the planet. Today I am going to share my awesome secret with you.

WARNING: This Information Will Change Your Life!

If you want to get a lot of money in a short amount of time, then crowdfunding is one of the best options out there.Picture1

Piggy banks filled with pennies – don’t add up to much in today’s world. Anyone with an awesome idea or plans to change the world needs some serious dough.

My mom never gave me an allowance. I learned really early to make my own money and by now, I already know that you need to take action to make things happen!

I am an action taker and I know that you are too. I know that you don’t get rich sitting on your butt! There are super easy ways to make money – but you have to know what they are and how to use them the right way!

How It Started…

My mom is an entrepreneur who has built over 150 websites and helps people to be seen and heard. She taught me to use WordPress, blog, create products and do videos. I love to get cool ideas and then create stuff that will make money from those ideas.

One day, I was watching Picture2 on on YouTube. There was this awesome guy named Taylor Conroy talking about “How To Build A School In 3 Hours”. I liked him! Picture4


I really liked his energy, but I liked his idea even more. I wanted to test the idea. I had gotten an email about a really cool event called Picture6 in Hawaii and I really wanted to go. But Hawaii was almost on the other side of the world and it would cost a lot of money. My mom said she would go if I came up with the money. I needed a lot and fast.

My sister said she knew about an Indie band that made money to make their album on a site called Picture7. The next morning my sister and I checked it out. It was AWESOME! You can start a campaign instantly and raise money. The best part is you never have to pay the money back! Donors will tell their friends and if they like your idea they will just GIVE YOU THE MONEY YOU NEED! Picture8

Using all kinds of social media, your campaign can go viral and you can make tons of money! 


My Action Plan…


So my sister and I had my mom create an account and we got to work right away. I called my campaign “4 Day Awesomeness Fest Test” because I needed to raise the money in only 4 days! I made $6,475 dollars! On the way to Hawaii we made a second campaign from the airport and we raised another $575. All together my sister Zanna and I raised

$7,050 Dollars In One Week!

We got to Hawaii and I was able to make awesome videos which became more products to sell. I also made friendships with cool people and got sponsors for my site The campaign made me famous and opened doors to other cool things like invitations to seminars and interviews with important people!Picture10

  • You can do crowdfunding for any kind of project.
  • You only pay a small % when you make money
  • You can have as many ideas and campaigns as you like.
  • The site makes it easy to share and go viral.
  • No more begging parents, friends, and family for money.
You Can Do This Too!

The results were great. I couldn’t believe we did it. But I was in Hawaii speaking on the stage and surfing the waves! Some people said I was lucky. Others said it was because I was young and cute.

The truth is that I worked hard on the campaign and I did some research with my sister and we found out that all campaigns that make money share three things!

Could It Really Be So Easy?
Had My Sister And I Cracked The Code?

I wanted to test it so we made another campaign NOT using the 3 things. Guess what. It was an epic fail. Then we coached my mom on a campaign for her client and she used the 3 things and it was an awesome campaign.

The 3 things are very, very important! You should not make a campaign without them!

Three Simple Things Will Guarantee Your Project’s Success And Improve Your Results

Picture14So I coached my friend Joe and he used the 3 things. He

Raised Over $40,000

Joe’s Campaign went for 28 days. It was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance,,, and Joe raised his money and went to Necker Island to meet Sir Richard Branson!


That is so awesome, right?

So what is stopping you from going after your dreams?Picture15

A lot of people are scared. All I can tell you is don’t be – If you use the material in my product you’ll realize just how simple it is. After all, I am just a child and I am doing it.

Other people say it’s too hard! But I teach you how to make it EASY & FUN TO GET FREE MONEY!!!  It doesn’t cost anything to begin. I know you can do it!

I Am Living The Life And I Am Only 13!

So What Does My Awesome Program Include?

  • The 3 Things You Must Know
  • My “Hollywood Secrets” of Promotion
  • Crowdfunding History, Now and Tomorrow
  • Being Responsible With Your Word
  • How To Write The Best Campaign Description
  • What SEO Is And How To Use It In Your Campaign
  • Using Timing And Getting It Right
  • Case Studies Showing Actual Screen By Screen, Day by Day Action and “How-To”
  • How To Make Your Campaign Really Stick Out
  • How To Give Your Campaign Extra Power with Video
  • And much, much, much more.

In my product you will learn quickly and easily all of my secrets to reach your ultimate goal and improve your results. You will see my actual campaigns and learn how we used momentum to go viral.  If you use this material you will also learn the best way to make people see your campaign and want to be a part of it. When donors get excited, they want to share and if you follow my lead I will show you how to make them want to talk about you and share your campaign.Picture19


This Is Not Just for Kids! Everyone  Needs Money!



Kids have the most awesome ideas and a lot of parents don’t even give them a chance. Then there are the grown ups who think kids don’t know anything, so they don’t want to listen to any children, thinking they are smarter all of the time.  My mom says that  children are the future and she gives me a chance to think of my own ideas and to implement them. She taught me how to look for answers and do research on things I want to know about. She lets me decide how I will spend my days and she always takes me to events to see people speaking, teaching and making the world a better place.

Some people just dream about doing things, others do them. I am happy I am one of the do-ers. I want to make a difference and it is my future.  My brother and sister are the same, we all get to do really awesome stuff and we are best friends. I don’t know any other kids that like each other and help each other like we do. The best part is that I get to meet all of my heroes and learn from them.  Here are some more pictures in case you don’t believe me.

ZYnnia HTDCF Pix


I Know I Can Help You
After watching the videos and reading my program, you will be inspired. You will begin to think…. 
“If that little girl can do it, and she can coach that other guy to do it – why am I not doing it?”
And after thinking a while you will see that it makes no sense to sit on the couch and just do nothing. (Unless your life’s mission is to be a couch potato!)

Picture22 But just think about the awesomeness you can create for yourself if you just had the money to fund your dream. That is what I am giving you here!

The exact recipe I created and then showed others to follow to GET THE MONEY YOU NEED fast and easy! It’s not rocket science. And it’s free to do and you can do it again and again for money to launch all of your cool ideas and projects!

This program is for little children as well as big kids that are sick and tired of not being able to figure out how to make money online.

I Figured It Out And Now I Will Teach You!

By now, you are probably super excited about what a campaign can do for you and that’s awesome!  I’m excited about having you join in on the fun and create a campaign of your own! But maybe you think it will be some kind of junk and that makes you afraid to buy my cool program. That’s okay, a lot of people sell junk. To make you feel safe about buying my program, I am offering you a guarantee.

Picture23If you promise to study my whole product, set up your campaign, and actually follow through on the different things I will teach you about and then still not have any success in the next 30 days, I will give you a refund. I will only ask that you show me a link to your campaign so that I can see you followed my 3 things.  This is what I call my “I Know You Can Do It” Guarantee and I will back it up 100%.

You Risk Nothing – My Personal Guarantee! 


So what are you waiting for?

Don’t let any more time pass making excuses and sitting around wishing. You can make it happen if you just act now.

I’ve made it super easy for you and you risk nothing.


I’ve Got Some Awesome Bonuses Too!


Crowdfunding Power Fact Pack
  • What is crowd funding?
  •  The history of crowd funding
  • The future of crowd fundingPicture26
  • The advantages of crowd funding
  • The disadvantages of crowd funding
  • Who should use crowd funding
  • How do I get started with crowd funding
  • Crowd funding vs. loans and credit cards
  • Crowd funding for charities
  • Crowd funding for singers
  • Crowd funding for photographers
  • Crowd funding for movie making
  • Crowd funding for small business start ups
  • Crowd funding and corporations
  • Crowd funding for inventors
  • Crowd funding for funders
  • Crowd funding for creatives
  • Crowd funding for writers
  • Crowd funding for political campaigns
  • Crowd funding and social networking
  • Using family & friends to spread the word
  • Tips to write a clear campaign proposal
  • Using videos for a crowd funding campaign
Value $47


Become A Mentor


“How Would You Like To Start Earning Buckets Full Of Cash Simply By Teaching Other People What You Already Know?

Protégés Will Actually Pay Their Hard Earned Cash To Have You Teach Them Things You Never Imagined They Would Have Any Interest In Learning!”

Then guess what… These People will continue to buy from you again and again in the future, now that you are their Expert Mentor!

You are about to learn everything you need to know to make a substantial income using only the knowledge that you currently have.

Is it possible to create a huge profit stream without a high priced course?



Value $47


Pinterest For Crowdfunding

The Internet these days is full of social networking sites and places like Pinterest are becoming very popular for their use in business, but how to you use it to help your crowdfunding has not been discussed.

In this Special Report, you will learn

  •   What Pinterest Is
  • Why It’s Good To Pin Your Campaign
  • How to Tag Your Pins To Go Back To Your Campaign
  • How To Get Creative with Your Pin Boards
  • Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic
  • And much more

Pinterest is about engaging people through what they are most passionate about, so create campaign images that people relate to and want to share.

You will be able to use this information for anything you are doing online.

Value $47


You get my awesome product and training, all of these cool bonuses and a chance to get however much money you want for free, never having to pay it back! All of this to be able to go after your dreams and fund your next biggest idea. All of this and my personal guarantee!

I can’t think of any reason you would not want to do this!



 Think Of My Program As An Investment In Your Child’s Future, Everything You Need Is Included!


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